30 December 2010

Advertising's Week Off.

It's pretty well known that advertising agencies are closed the week of Christmas to New Year's . . . and if you're not . . . you should be (shame on you). This is the hiatus that most people in advertising need to recharge their batteries and actually see their families.

My week has been great so far. After a great presentation last Wednesday, I drove home and spent time with my family and have been able to work on some side projects. The rain in Arizona yesterday was a little much though. I had forgotten how badly Arizonans freak out in the rain . . . that combined with snowbirds makes for an interesting time on the freeway.

One really great thing too, our rugby ads were placed on Ads of the World two days ago, check them out here.

With the New Year upon us there are a lot of things that I hope to accomplish. It is the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, let's hop to it (sorry I couldn't resist).
Work/Life balance is huge for me so making sure that I have more of that is important. Doing some more hiking with Leroy is at the top of the Life list. 
Traveling, this is something that I haven't done in a while. I wanna go to Alaska to see a moose. They are such strange looking creatures.
Spending some serious time on one of my side projects. The response this past year was great . . . and I can't wait to get started on the second season. 
 That's it . . . three little goals for the New Year . . . hopefully I can get to all of them.

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