05 December 2010

Where do I check in?!

So I have been using foursquare, facebook places, and yelp to check in for the past week. I can't seem to choose because there are things that I like about all of the applications and some things that I can't stand . . .
Foursquare -

- Badges - I love getting badges. Yes, I know they are little digital icons that take no time to make, but that doesn't change the fact that I love to "feel" recognized for checking in somewhere I would go reguardless.

- Privacy - I do like that you can only tell your friends on foursquare where you are instead of shouting it out to everyone in the world, sometimes you just don't want people to know where you are . . .

- To Do List - Not really a con as much as a what the fuck? Does anyone really use this?

Yelp -

- Reviews - It's cool that your check-ins are tied to your reviews and all of that can go together, but I am not sure how many times I would actually write a review on my phone. Maybe that's where foursquare's to do list would come in handy.

- Geolocator Map - I love that I can stand in the world and hold my phone up and it will show me the names and ratings of the stores and restaurants around me. I wish this feature was in foursquare.


- Recognition - There are titles and rankings such as duchess of a place which is kind of cool, but again no badges.

Facebook Places - 

It's in facebook.

It's in facebook and there are NO badges.

So all in all after writing this I think that I will just stick to foursquare. I like the badges more than anything so, if I need to see ratings I will use yelp . . . but just not to check in. As for facebook places, I might use it sparingly . . . since there is no real incentive to use it . . . why use it other than to tell your entire FB friend list where you are. That only seems good if you are at work or the airport. . .

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Foursquare

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