17 December 2010

Holiday Adventure

Whew! Yesterday was C. R. A. Z. Y. The founders of High Wide & Handsome took all (8) of us took us to Napa on a day trip killing two birds with one stone. 1) to take a break and celebrate the holidays as a company. 2) allowing all of us to experience the wineries first hand, since we do their advertising.

It all started at 6:30 AM yesterday morning, Mags picked a few of us up and we hit up LAX. Just as we got to our gate they started boarding. . . you think this is cutting it close . . . juuuust wait.

So we flew from LAX to OAK, and then drove an hour up to Napa. We first visited Robert Mondavi, did the entire tour.

We then had lunch in their beautiful private dining room. We drank some great wine and over all had a wonderful time.

We then went to Chandon and toured their facilities. I learned a lot about champagne making that I never knew. We then tasted . . .

Before we knew it, it was 5PM our flight was at 7PM. So sad to say we didn't get to hit up the Bouchon Bakery. On our way back to the airport, our English driver got lost . . . and we got to the airport at 7PM. We thought we had missed our flight completely, though as we got through security (Yes, I opted out and got patted down.) Our flight was doing a final boarding call. I ran barefoot down the coradoor with my scarf, belt, half open purse and shoes in my hand. John and I were the last ones on the plane and I got the last seat. If you've ever flown Southwest you know the look I got from the people sitting in the row I went to. It's like Forest Gump Can't Sit Here syndrome, no one wants anyone to sit in the middle seat on a Southwest flight. Anyway, below are some shots from the day.

It was great and full of High Wide & Handsome memories and inside jokes.

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