22 August 2013

First Solar Video Shoot Part 2

Part two of our First Solar Video shoot took us to San Luis Obispo, CA.

We flew into LA and worked out of our LA office then drove the three hours up to SLO. The town is cute and old.

There are a bunch of shops and restaurants. Kim and I stopped in a place called the Sock Drawer that only sells socks. We went a bit crazy. I bought Ana three pairs of socks for covering my work load while I was out of the office. Kim bought her assistant bacon socks, which I heard he immediately put on when he opened them.

The next morning we were picked up by our guide. The great thing about this second portion of our journey was we got to see all of the construction. Kim and I had to put on all of the OSHA required gear and we thought we looked rather good.

While I can't share anything about what we did on the construction site, I can share some of the things Kim and I experienced. Or things that Kim did that kept me entertained.
  1. I saw Kim fall out of a truck. Like fall backwards on her bum, no face plant but it was funny none the less. 
  2. Kim was trying to walk out of the trailer and her dress like safety vest got caught on a push pin and she almost fell down. It was more like a dog that ran out of leash and got pulled backward. 
  3. I used her ability to persuade men to do almost anything to get who and what I wanted on film. 
  4. Our gas light came on an hour outside of civilization. Luckily we got filled up before being completely stranded in BFE. 
  5. On our drive back to LA, ants started crawling out of our air vents and biting us. Apparently they liked our cool moist Chevy Sonic and crawled on in. It was gross.  
We are still continuing to complete the First Solar promo video but once we finish it I will share it.

Read Part 1.

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