13 August 2013

She's Crafty: Hurricanes and Candles

This week's craftiness comes from candle sizes and hurricanes not playing nice together. You saw my friend's wedding this week, well I'm going to show you how to pull off one of the tricks we did for one of her center pieces. 

Gently slide your unopened can of tuna into the bottom of the hurricane. You want to make to not use an opened can because no matter how many times you wash the cans, your centerpieces are going to smell like fish. If you are working with different sized candles you can utilize different heights of the cans as well. 

Next, pour in your filler. The great thing about the can is that you use A LOT less filler. Saving money and getting some tips all at the same time. 

Thirdly, slide your candle down into the filler. This should give you that desired height you are looking for while not allowing your candle to sink any father into the sand. You can add shells or whatever else your heart desires. 

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