15 August 2013

Jr. Creative Advice: Love your Job

When I came to R&R Partners, I immediately knew that I would love the culture. I finally went to my new hire orientation . . . a year later. Only reason being I was crazy busy with photo/video shoots. It was definitely a good thing though. After working here for a while you start to know so many people in  all the offices, so it was nice to go and meet people I had been working with on the phone and over IM for so long.

Also, being part of the new hire orientation after a year really re excited me as to why I love working at this company. Yes, things get crazy and there are times we work ridiculous hours but I am truly surrounded by amazing people that get along and care about each other.

That's what you should look for in a company you want to spend time with. A place that treats you well and allows you to have a work life balance. As I get older, I realize how important it is to have that balance. It not only keeps you sane, it makes you more creative.

Find a place you love that loves you back.

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