27 September 2013

Argh & Argh Goes to the AdBowl

It was crazy getting ready for AdBowl and things have been even crazier ever since. So I wanted to get this post up because it was an amazing time! If you don't know what AdBowl is, well you're missing out and it's pretty much what it sounds like, Ad Agencies going Bowling.

The two mandatories are a team name and amazing costumes. When the six of us (AJ, Melinda, Linda, Brent, Gerald and Myself) sat down to concept names we thought it was going to take us a half hour. . . . Nope. We had our team name in like two minutes thanks to Gerald.

We then started thinking about our costumes . . . but that lead to bigger things. . . our bowling names! We started throwing out pirates and AJ yells out, "Capt. Jack Spare-O". From there we tried to tie Captains and bowling names together but that just didn't work so we stuck to famous Captains and zeroed in on making some amazing costumes.

Ashley: Capt. Hook
Linda: Peggy Leg
Brent: Capt. Morgan
AJ: Capt. Jack Spare-O
Gerald: Capt. Crunch
Melinda: Napolean (because she is so little)

We all set out to create our own costumes with one exception that we would all wear the same tee that I made. I was going to do it myself, then I reached out to my buddy Jason. He owns Designed in Ink up in North Phoenix and he hooked me up with prints in two days. He is seriously the only printer in town I go to now.

Check out our costumes and shenanigans below.

Gerald had to cut his sleeves off a perfectly good shirt. 
Blue Media made these awesome stickers for everyone!
Everyone had a fun piratey name too!
AJ and his Lady!  
Linda was on our team for entertainment . . . not so much her bowling skills. 
This is Brent getting his groove on with Linda. 
Gerald won a camera!! Holy smokes! 
Video coming shortly.

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