25 September 2013

Hiring Hard Working Millenials

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As many of you know I love reading the articles on Linkedin. They are very positive and professionally written. Well, most of them.

The latest article I found is about hiring hardworking millennials. Since I am a millennial and am always slightly offended when people talk about my generation in such a negative light. Not all millennials are lazy, unmotivated and entitled. There are many of us that work hard and are grateful for the opportunities we are fortunate enough to have presented in front of it.

There are some of us that look up to those who came before us and we long to be taught by them. They have experience we don't have and understand if we can learn from their mistakes we can be that much farther ahead of the game.

The article below really showcases an employer that recognizes that and while she's talking about how she finds you to employ, you as an employee should be looking for her type as an employer.

My favorite is Six: When you find the good ones, help them move up—even if that means losing them. I will never forget the first mentor I had. He took me under his wing and taught me so many things but also expected the world from me. Besides never forgetting him, I will be eternally grateful as well.

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