14 October 2013

Ronald McDonald House

R&R had the opportunity to prepare dinner for those at the Ronald McDonald House in Downtown Phoenix on Friday night. It was our first charity event since all of us have started at R&R and it was a blast.

Our Fun Committee organized the whole thing. The whole thing means the whole thing. We had to plan a menu, purchase the food, cook the food, decorate and clean-up. This is why I am so proud to work with the people I work with. We broke up all the shopping, cooking, decorating and clean-up.

It was hot as balls in the kitchen while cooking yet we spent the whole time laughing and having a great time bonding outside of the office.

We met people who were in town for their children undergoing treatment at Phoenix Children's Hospital. One family's baby was born a couple months ago and has undergone multiple surgeries for a missing heart valve. Another woman was pregnant and her unborn baby needed heart surgery. The strength these families have is immeasurable.

After going to the Miracle Tour at St.. Joseph's and spending time with the families at the Ronald McDonald House it really puts life and what you have in perspective. I feel incredibly grateful for my life and the things I have.

Check out some of the photos from this great night below.


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