04 October 2013

Weekly Round-up: Work Motivation

Your employer hires you because of who you are and the strengths you can add to the company. So many people get lost in the day to day that they are afraid to stand up and say something for fear of being reprimanded. We are all adults and know how to respect one another. Show your true self and be successful for it.

Here's some of my favorite points from three Linkedin articles this week. Click on the title of the article to read the whole article.

Five Tips for Dealing with Feeling Unappreciated
"Do it for yourself. For a long time, I self-righteously told myself that I made certain efforts “for the team.” While this sounded generous, it led to a bad result, because I sulked when my husband or whoever didn’t appreciate my efforts. Now, I tell myself, “I’m doing this for myself. This is what I want.” I want to send out Valentine’s cards. I want to organize the cabinets. This sounds selfish, but in fact, it’s less selfish, because it means I’m not waiting for a gold star. No one else even has to notice what I’ve done."

Get Fired
"Be Different. Start small, and replace your boring black, office chair with a green bouncy ball. Invite people to lunch to brainstorm about a big idea you have and start influencing the culture."

Seven Qualities of a Truly Loyal Employee
"They dissent and disagree. Every great company fosters debate and disagreement. Every great leader wants employees to question, to deliberate, and to push back. Weighing the positives and negatives of a decision, sharing conflicting opinions, playing devil's advocate… disagreement is healthy. It’s stimulating. It leads to better decisions.

Loyal employees share their opinions, even when they know you may not initially appreciate those opinions, because they want the company to be better tomorrow than it is today. And they’ll occasionally take stands against a point of view or decision."

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