31 October 2013

Costume Gatherings

It is Halloween and last night I was running around trying to get my costume together. Easy right? Wrong. No one in Phoenix carries overalls. My solve? Heading over to Old Navy and buying two pairs of oversized jeans and making my own. They are a bit janky since I made them in a couple hours. But the point is . . . I did it. 

Other parts of my costume include: 
  1. Yellow shirt - I tried to find a striped one but came up short. I thought about painting stripes, though the time and the mess made me rethink that. 
  2. White Converse - Any excuse to buy new shoes . . . I'm in. 
  3. Overalls - Again these were not to be found anywhere in Phoenix. So I made them. You can see my attempt here. 
  4. Unicorn - I won this at the Arizona State Fair.
  5. Red Scrunchi - This is a vital piece of Agnes' outfit.
  6. Red Buttons - These are for the overalls.
  7. Bangs - Since I don't have any.
  8. Black Hair Spray - I have blonde hair and I'm not permanently dying it black. 
Images and video of the work shenanigans are coming soon!

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