22 September 2014

Alice Cooper's Solid Rock: Christmas Pudding Auditions

This past Friday I had the privilege of spending some time behind the scenes at Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Center. This weekend at the center was a little different than a normal day at the Rock.

It was the Grand Opening of their new thrift store. There are a bunch of great items for sale to help benefit the center. Alice was there to sign autographs and take photos with people. He truly is an amazing person. He was only supposed to sign autographs for an hour but because the turn out was so large, he stayed to meet everyone. The diversity of people there to meet him was equally inspiring. 

After the opening of this great new store, everyone moved into the Rock where one of the mentors, Marissa, and her sister opened up with a couple songs. She is amazing. I wanted to be like here take all my money and write more music. Check her out on her Facebook Page, she is seriously talented.

Next was Daniel Bernard Roumain. If you don't know him, he's a sick violinist. He's playing at Gammage Auditorium September 27 and you should check it out. 

Finally, Alice took the stage with Co-Op which features his son, Dash, as the lead singer. They performed Eighteen, No More Mister Nice Guy and School's Out. It was awesome to see parents and their kids rocking out to the same music.

After they finished performing, Alice took questions from some of the teens. They were so engaged and inspired by him. It was pretty inspiring to watch. 

To wrap up the night, the leader of the Rock got up on stage and went over all the rules for the bands auditioning for Christmas Pudding. 

As we continue to learn more about Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Teen Center, the more inspired we get to help them spread the word of the center. 

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