17 September 2014

Doggie Date: Home Depot

For this week's doggie date we went to Home Depot. Leroy and I were on a mission. We had to find a leaf blower/vacuum.

Why, you ask?

Well, while my neighbors are very nice people, their landscaping people are assholes. On both sides, they use the leaf blower to blow the shit from both sides of the lawn into my yard. This is maddening. As much as I would like to blow the shit back in their yard or do juvenile shit to get back at them, I am now a grown up and must understand the consequences of actions like that.

So as boring as it is, I am going to take my newly purchased $100 leaf vacuum and vacuum all the shit and throw it in the garbage.

Anyway, back to the doggie date. Leroy's never been to Home Depot before, so he was sitting up straight trying to figure out where we were going. Even when we got there, he was like, what's happening?

No joke, we walk in the door and there is this amazing looking man, tall, dark hair and bright blue eyes. First thing out of his mouth, "Hi, beautiful . . . dog." Yea he gets all the hotties. There were some ladies in the store that definitely didn't approve of him there, but all the men were for it.

Leroy was amazingly well behaved and just sat by my side as I tried to figure out the difference between a Mega Blower and Ultra Blower (I know that's what he said). Apparently it's the power and only 5MPH more. I gave in and bought the Ultra.

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