24 September 2014

Doggie Date: September 2014 Barkbox

This week Leroy's BarkBox got here! I swear this dog can smell the box in the mailbox from our house. So here's what we got!

PetProjekt Football Tretbal - $9.00
This is a football that has holes so Leroy can smell and taste the treats, but not get them so easy. Let me tell you, he's going incredibly nuts right now. I put the treats (see below) we got in the BarkBox inside the football and he's running back and forth through the house trying to get those treats out. It's pretty funny.

Nootie Jerky Burger BBQ Duck - $7.00
These are the treats I put in the football toy. These are made with real duck and are grain free which is always a plus. They have a decently strong smell of bbq sauce and Leroy seems to like them.

Etta Says Duck Chew - $4.00
These have been in many of our BarkBoxes. Leroy loves them and they take a few days to go through. Make sure to watch your pup when they are chewing these, sometimes it breaks into smaller pieces.

Muddy Buddy Dog Mop - $12.00
This is a doggie mama's dream. This baby sucks up 7x it's weight in water and/or mud. So when Leroy decides to dig in the back yard after some lovely Arizona monsoons, I am now prepared.

Safemade Pet Barkeley Pennant - $7.00
This pennant is fun and really tops off the college football theme! It has the crackle paper and a squeaker in it. Leroy hasn't really got interested in this toy yet, but again, this toy doesn't have treats in it. There's no link out because this was specially made for this BarkBox.

Do you get a bark box for your pup? Share your photos with us!!

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