10 September 2014

Leroy's Life: A Trip to PetSmart

Leroy's Life takes a simpler look at life through the eyes of my dog. He is my rock, he's always there for me, keeps me entertained and cheers me up when I need it. These next few weeks the goal is to not only have fun with Leroy, but also slow down a bit and remember that life shouldn't be all work.

To start us off, I figured we would go to his favorite store. He got a PetSmart gift card from his Aunt Danita for his birthday and I haven't taken him to cash it in yet. Well tonight was his night!

It's pretty equivalent to taking a child to a toy store, though Leroy doesn't want every toy in the store. He simply want's to be pet by everyone in the store. But me being his mama, made his try on halloween costumes first!

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